Why should you avoid free public wi-fi?

What exactly is Wi-Fi?

A WiFi network is simply an internet connection that’s shared with multiple devices in a home or business via a wireless router.

The router is connected directly to your internet modem and acts as a hub to broadcast the internet signal to all your Wi-Fi-enabled devices.

This gives you the flexibility to stay connected to the internet as long as you’re within your network coverage area.

Modern Wi-Fi networks operate in the same way as corded Ethernet local area network (LAN) connections. The only difference is that they use unlicensed spectrum frequencies to transmit data over short distances at high speeds, just like mobile broadband does for cellular phones.

The Wi-Fi devices communicate with the access point using radio frequency (RF) signals, much like cordless phones do.

A Wi-Fi hotspot is a location with wireless internet access, usually free to use. You can often find these in cafés or restaurants that offer the service for customers’ convenience.

Some Wi-Fi hotspots are provided by Wi-Fi providers that allow you to connect for a fee, while others are free Wi-Fi connections.

Advantages of Wifi

    1. This ease of use and convenience is not present in wired networks.
    2.  Wifi you can carry out your regular works from anywhere you want especially with mobile devices.
    3. Wifi installation access point is relatively easy compared to a Wired network connection configuration that involves cables that establish a connection to the Internet and other devices on the network.
    4. Adding new users to a Wifi network is an easy task.
    5. Compared to a Wired network connection, Wireless networks offer significant advantages in terms of cost and labor.

Disadvantages of Wifi

    1. Even though many encryption techniques are taken by wireless networks, still the Wifi is vulnerable to hacking.
    2. The range offered by a Wifi network is companies, typically around 100-150 feet.
    3. The speed of Wifi connections is far slower than a wired connection (around 1-54 Mbps).
    4. As a result, you may frequently experience connectivity issues and weak signal strengths.
    5. There are certain conspiracy theories about Wifi that causes health issues in humans.

Users Are Unaware of Public Wi-Fi Risks

1 Burglary of Personal Information
2 Meeting Hijacking
3 Individual data hacking
4 Malware Distribution
5 Decoded Connections
6 Bundle Sniffing / Eavesdropping
7 Digital Attacks on Businesses
8 Man-In-The-Middle Attack.

Using free Wi-Fi not only leaves mobile workers vulnerable to cyber-attack, but it leaves corporate data exposed to prying eyes. Offering free Wi-Fi requires a significant capital investment, and the person or entity making this investment will most likely want to recoup a return. Therefore, free Wi-Fi is usually only free on the condition that users give valuable data to network suppliers. That data can be personal, vocational, or behavioral.

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