Unfortunately with increase in the Technology Cyber Crime is also rising!! With the increase in cybercrime, the type and mode of attacks have been changed. The Community is becoming the victim of cybercrime, as now everyone is on the digital platform where we use mobile phones, laptops, and other devices for our day-to-day activities and that’s why we started cybercrime awareness. To protect everyone from cybercrime.  

Here, the biggest problem is that when becoming the victim of cybercrime, they don’t get proper guidance on where to report the cybercrime, what steps should be taken to be aware, how to handle these cases, and many more. However, FORnSEC Solutions has come up with an initiative “Awareness on Cyber Crime and Cyber Security” where we will help people how to fight cybercrime, you will also get safety tips, news, blogs on cybercrime, where people can gain knowledge about cybercrime happening around, and how to fight cybercrime and also get help with cybercrime awareness.